My Enemies

Summer 2016, Uncategorized

by Adam Maarij

My enemies don’t scare me
I have walls that keep them at bay
The spikes
The cannons
And the river that surrounds me keep them wary and away,


And even if they poison my waters
Or the air I breath
Or the food I eat
my body has become immune
And maybe a bit too strong
Enemies are less dangerous than friends
Because friends have the key to your castle
your walls are worthless
Your mines will be harmless, and the cannons silent

How can I lock out dangerous friends, when I have given them a key?


Adam Maarij was born in Iraq and immigrated to America at the age of eight. He attends South High school in Worcester, Massachusetts, and enjoys soccer, running, reading, writing, and procrastinating.

Photo credit: JERUSALEM: ROMANS, 63 B.C. – Roman soldiers under the command of Pompey the Great assault the northern wall of Jerusalem with a battering ram while Jewish defenders resist from the battlements, 63 B.C. Line engraving from a 17th century edition of Josephus’ ‘Works.’. Fine Art. Encyclopedia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 8 Jun 2016.