The Old Goddess

Summer 2016, Uncategorized

by Muhammad Kasule


She had a certain pink rose blush
That youthful look they like to see
All eyes were set on her
But that attention’s never free

The hottest dancer at the bar
A goddess to onlookers below
Happy that she’s the star

Happy that they love the show

This was back when she was pretty
When she could hold a genuine smile
Back when she loved life in the city
When waking up was still worthwhile

Started hanging with the attention
3 gents who dealt out blow
They gave her a bit but forgot to mention
The icy stab of craving snow

Cause soon she needed it pretty bad
Cold chains won’t let her go
Biggest smile, you know she’s so sad
She’s giving a blow for batch of good blow

Her body became her main income
A.K.A, more money for dope
Slowly turning her body more numb
Soft eyes abandoning hope

Started taking on some loans
She’s gotten in pretty deep
The only furniture she owns
Is the news on which she sleeps

Look how far our goddess fell
Collecting needles from a bin
Her life’s become a living hell
Now that money’s running thin

Hated choosing between the cold and dark
Getting fucked up or food for the week
Coldest nights were those in the park
Hoping they still wanna mess with antiques

Cause let’s be honest, she’s now 38
Makeup can’t cover her broken skin
Throws in the towel, Life’s not getting great
Doesn’t care what ditch she ends in

Not worth it to smile through the pains
So when she decides to call it a day
She does it with coke choked up in her veins
Letting the waves wash her away

She reminds me so much of myself
Many decisions I hope she won’t make
I too was a dancer, from the top shelf
Before I made all my mistakes

I had that youthful look, you know
A blonde with red lips so lush
A goddess to onlookers below
With that familiar pink rose blush

Muhammad Kasule is from Uganda. He is studying physics at Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Photo credit: Joanne Woodward from the trailer for the film The Stripper / Wikimedia Commons.